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Ioannis M. Soupios
Clinical Dietitian – Nutritionist

Postgraduate in Eating Disorders & Obesity (NCFED of U.K.)
President of the Institute of Nutritional Studies & Research (I.N.S.R)

Curriculum Vitae

Learn everything about the career of the successful Dietitian – Nutritionist Ioannis Soupiou, from his studies until today…

soupios arxiki diaitologos diatrofologos

Nutrition & Dietetics

The development of nutrition and diet, daily with the data it presents more and more, enters the daily life of people and touches more and more people to deal with it.

Learn everything about proper human nutrition and choose the service that meets your nutritional needs.

Food intake since ancient times, was a key element for human survival.

Over the years, it has been proven in every scientific medium that through proper nutrition, a person can face many health problems and give his body all the necessary supplies to go along with a healthy daily routine.


Metabolic rate analysis

The resting metabolic rate is the minimum amount of calories consumed to…


Body composition analysis

The measurement with the Tanita BC 418 MA gives you the real picture of your body.


Distance Nutrition - Diet

Monitor client / patient remotely by sending diet plan or instructions.

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Measurement of energy expenditure

The total daily energy expenditure is the total calories we consume…


Nutritional genetics

Nutritional genetics studies how genetic differences give different responses to the same ingredients in food.


Nutritional support

The human diet is a key building block in the healthy development of our body.

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Company support

Companies are now developing social responsibility programs for their employees.

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Clinical nutrition - diet

Clinical nutrition & dietetics is the therapeutic approach to nutrition against various diseases.

Questions – Answers

Are there any magic ways to lose weight?

There are many people who resort to magic pills, magic formulas, magic machines that show you what makes you fat and what makes you thin, methods that promise incredible results in incredibly short times and in an incredibly easy way. They follow some instructions for a while or take a series of pills, lose some weight and believe that they are moving towards their goal. A person who follows the above is led with mathematical precision, to increase body weight. Temporarily yes there has been weight loss, but no body fat reduction. Therefore, no solution was found to the problem.

Why should a person who wants or needs to lose weight and fat go to a dietitian - nutritionist?

Dietary monitoring, as well as the nutritional education of people, are the exclusive object of study and occupation of dietitians – nutritionists and not of journalists, nor of gymnasts, nor of agronomists, nor of doctors, nor of many others who claim to be experts. The science of nutrition and dietetics is a magic because it is directly related to nature, everyday life, health and psychology of a person and is taught ONLY in the departments of Nutrition & Dietetics in the Higher Education Institutions of our country or respectively abroad and these scientists throughout their studies they deal with the subject of nutrition & dietetics and their relation to human health.

What is the role of the dietitian - nutritionist?

Every person is different, has different needs and requirements but can never have the mental mood and daily life of another, so personal contact with the dietitian – nutritionist is a cornerstone for a successful course. A visit to a dietitian – nutritionist, will help him to deal effectively with the problem he is facing but also to shield himself with good nutritional training that can be provided only by a dietitian – nutritionist.

Why is rapid weight loss not right?

The state of weight loss magically reminds me of cases where the doctor prescribed medication to treat the symptom without a diagnosis. It simply cured the symptom, not the disease. With fast diets, it’s exactly the same thing. We are losing some weight, we are glad that the number of scales has dropped but we do not realize that the root of the problem still exists. The maximum weight loss rate of a human body is 1% of its weight, i.e. for a 150 kg person it is 1.5 kg, for a 60 kg it is 600 grams. So the idea of losing a lot of weight or that a person should lose 1 kilo a week, is clearly wrong. In conclusion, it would be good for the citizens to know that the loss of more than the amount I mentioned above is definitely not done through proper nutrition and they should be concerned about the method they follow.

What should be the purpose and goal of a person following a diet plan?

It is a common phenomenon for a person to go to the office of a dietitian – nutritionist and ask “How many kilos will I lose in the first week? How much will I lose in the first month? ” If the dietitian with number answers. then in my opinion it starts wrong. Our purpose and goal is the correct nutritional intervention that will give the body all the necessary ingredients to be healthy; the result of these will be the loss of excess body weight and fat. So the goal is not to lose weight; weight loss will be ONE of the results of proper nutrition.

Are there any pills that will make me lose weight?

Another mistake often made by those who are in a hurry to lose weight is that – instead of controlling the quality and quantity of food they eat – they prefer to take chemicals and “magic” pills in order to improve their figure. But there are no “magic” pills. Even if there are some results, these will be temporary, while the health problems that will arise will be permanent: eg, thyroid disorder, hormone disorder, anemia, menopause, premature menopause, osteoporosis, weakened immune system organization.

Is it wrong to do the diet I found from a friend, from the magazine, from the internet?

Every day I hear “I did the diet that the presenter did, the model and the neighbor”. Sites and magazines publish personalized diet programs as a solution to the problem of obesity, as the way to regeneration, etc. But in order for there to be success in diet monitoring and to achieve the legitimate result, you need personalization and personal contact with the dietitian – nutritionist. It is a mistake for both us dietitians and nutritionists to write personalized nutrition programs for magazines and sites, and for readers to rest on a diet plan found in a magazine or site. A mistake that many of us have made and that our colleagues continue to make, a mistake that is often made by readers as well. I said we did because I made that mistake years ago. I had written a diet plan for a site and the presence of a man gave me to understand my mistake when one day he visited me and starting the appointment, he said to me “Mr. John, I found this diet on the internet from you and until I came I did it ”. After I started taking his history, I realized that the implementation of such a program was unorthodox for this man. Then I realized my mistake. In conclusion, I want to say that it is wrong for the reader to implement a program that he will find somewhere and this has not been written for him

“Live well, eating right”

Ioannis Soupios,
Dietitian – Nutritionist

Our customers’ opinions are what count for us.

Good morning.
I do not know how I can thank this Man first and Incredible scientist second. I can not count how many attempts I had made to lose my unnecessary weight. I do not remember how many times I saw myself after a weight loss get worse, but I remember the first communication I had with Mr. Soupio who smiled calmly and said to me “DON’T STRESS, THE LOSS OF EXCESSIVE KILOS IS JUST FROM BEHIND WE MANAGE THEM “. At first I thought he was kidding me or that he did not know that I had done everything for years to lose the pounds that were bothering me. He smiled

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again as well I explained to him that I had done everything and he said “WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN TO ME”. The truth is that I felt a confidence but also a distrust of what the result would be. My anxiety was that I was living outside Greece and many questions arose. He smiled and said to me “CALM DOWN AND YOU WILL SEE THAT EVEN AWAY YOU WILL BE A SOLUTION WHETHER THERE IS TRUST BETWEEN US AND GOOD MOOD FOR COOPERATION”. When I arrived at my house abroad I sent him the email with whatever he asked me and we started. In 7 months I lost close to 30 kilos, without being hungry, without feeling like I was dieting, without spoiling my face, without feeling weak, without cooking separately for my family, without missing a single thing. I came to wear the clothes I saw in the shop windows and I said, I wish I could wear that too. I felt a different person. Giannis, and not Mr. Soupie, because as you always said to me “WE ARE FRIENDS AND PARTNERS”, thank you for everything, me, my husband and my children because you helped us all to live better in our home. THANK YOU THROUGH OUR HEART.

Alexandra P.

Good Evening,
very nice and informative page. Something that is not mentioned but must be mentioned is the social work and the psychosynthesis of Giannis. Helps any person who asks for help. Through his acquaintances he has helped many people in medical matters. These must be mentioned because every scientist must be human as the role of each of us must be to offer to fellow human beings.

Giannis, thank you in turn for all the times you helped us.
Good evening

Pantelis S.


George G.

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