Body composition analysis
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Partial analysis of body composition.

Understanding the composition of your body.

Weight alone does not necessarily give a clear indication of good health or your progress when dieting or exercising frequently.

The measurement with Tanita Body Composition Analyzer BC 418 MA gives you the real picture by providing essential information about your body and how it changes. Basic elements of the body such as fat, water and muscle are calculated as a whole but also in parts.

analisi sistasis somatos image diaitologos diatrofologos ioannis soupios

Body fat

We all need fat to be healthy. Body fat is vital for basic bodily functions such as regulating body temperature, storing vitamins and protecting joints. But too much fat, or asymmetrical distribution in the body, can harm your health. Reducing excess fat and distributing it properly seems to reduce the risk of disease.

Why do I need it? Or why is it necessary?

Knowing your total body fat is important. But Tanita technology has gone a step further and allows us to see the distribution of fat as well as muscle tissue in individual parts of the body. With Tanita BC 418 MA we know not only the percentage of fat in total but also what is the fat and muscle tissue in each arm, in each leg and in the torso.

In this way we detect the improvement locally and we can see the effectiveness of the diet / exercise program in the individual points. If two people have the same total fat but one has a higher accumulation of fat in the trunk is more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, etc.

Partial body composition analysis: How can I be measured.

The measurement procedure for Partial Body Composition Analysis is simple. The examinee climbs the Tanita BC 418 barefoot and holds the special handles in his hands. A low current flows through the body through 8 different electrodes.

The measurement takes a few seconds. The results of fat and muscle tissue measurements, total and partial, as well as body fluids and lean mass, are displayed on the screen and printed on the built-in thermal printer.

On the day of measurement.

Before you go for your measurement you should make sure that:

1) Have not eaten or drunk anything other than water, at least 4 hours before the measurement.

2) You have not smoked, consumed caffeine, taken dietary supplements, medicines containing ephedrine, Ma Huang or pseudoephedrine, at least 4 hours before the measurement.

3) You have not exercised (aerobics or endurance exercises) for at least 8 hours before your scheduled appointment.

analisi sistasis somatos image diaitologos diatrofologos ioannis soupios
analisi sistasis somatos image diaitologos diatrofologos ioannis soupios

Body Composition Analysis with Tanita BC 418 MA.

Tanita manufactured the first Body Composition Analyzer / Libra in 1992 and today is the leader in the field, making the No. 1 in sales of Body Composition Analyzers with over 20 million devices worldwide.

Tanita products are tailored to your needs when you are trying to lose weight, improve your fitness levels or feel healthier. They will help you understand how a change in your lifestyle is affecting your body.

Investing in R&D confirms that Tanita is a pioneer in innovation, presenting products with unique features – bringing today the technology of tomorrow. Tanita Bioelectric Impedance Devices (BIA) are certified by independent bodies and fully comply with European Union standards.

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