Treatment of eating disorders

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Treatment of eating disorders

The treatment of these incidents is done in collaboration with the specialized Center for Training & management of Eating Disorders (Κ.Ε.Α.D.D.) with the teachers of which Mr. Soupios has been collaborating since the beginning of his operation in Greece and which is the only and exclusive partner of the National Center for Eating Disorders in Great Britain.

In recent years we have seen a rapid increase in children and adolescents with eating disorders. Whereas in the past the percentage difference between boys and girls was large, now this gap has been greatly reduced and we see both young boys and young girls falling victim to eating disorders.
Adolescents, when not emotionally nourished by the mother, choose not to be physically nourished either.


 The young girl wants to remain a child and adopts a series of extreme eating habits due to the constant desire to be slim and not to become a woman with curves. He does not want the child’s body to be gradually transformed into an adult body, with prominent leaf features, while accepting these changes would presuppose mental function. Eating disorders, which occur mainly in adolescence and usually in girls, are directed against the body itself and suggest an attempt to inhibit the expression of sexuality.

Maybe that’s why one of the characteristics of anorexia is amenorrhea, the denial of what mothers will do at some point, because they have in the back of their minds that this will make them fatter and their body image will change. Therefore the search for the deeper meaning of the problem must be approached in the real relationship between daughter and mother, daughter and food. That is why the phrase “if I had a good relationship with the body, I would not lose weight” can be translated on a deeper level that “if I had a good relationship with others, I would not lose weight”. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder with a strong psychological background. Its effects are very harmful but it is often not diagnosed before the person reaches a very serious condition. The largest percentage of people who get sick are teenagers and especially girls aged 11-20 years. How can the immediate environment of these people, and especially the parents, perceive the early symptoms of this insidious disease before the person needs help from specialists? 

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First of all, it should be clarified that anorexia nervosa is a disease that meets certain criteria set by the American Psychiatric Association and is as follows:

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Criteria for Anorexia Nervosa

Α. The person refuses to maintain his body weight at levels below normal for his age and height (normal weight for adolescents is determined according to growth curves).

Β. The person experiences an obsession with food and an intense fear of gaining weight, which completely determines the way he evaluates his life.

C. The person denies the severity of the existing low body weight, ie believes that his weight is higher than normal (a condition which is characterized as a “distorted body image”).

D. Absence of menstruation for at least 3 consecutive cycles (amenorrhea).

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