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What is energy cost measurement?

The total daily energy expenditure is the total calories we consume, or more simply burn, during the day. This sum depends on three factors:

  • The basic metabolic rate
  • The calories we burn when we eat
  • The calories we burn when we do some kind of physical activity

The measure of energy expenditure is the calculation of these total calories.

How can we measure our energy expenditure?

You can achieve this by using the Sensewear Armband

There are many ways to use the Sensewear Armband such as determining energy consumption, diabetes, obesity and metabolic disorders, in endocrinology, gastroenterology, bariatric surgery.

Measure energy expenditure with the Sensewear Armband

Physical activity and PAD :The Sensewear Armband can tell you the times (in hours and minutes) during the patient’s 24-hour physical activity (above the sedentary level, using a metabolic equivalent / METS threshold, which adapted by the doctor), this new indicator is called in the literature PAD (= duration of physical activity) and is used by many studies published this year.

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Physical activity and METS :Knowing that the Sensewear Armband accurately calculates total energy consumption for extended periods and taking into account the patient’s weight, the Sensewear Armband software can also calculate the METS (Kcal / Hour / Kg).
Metabolic equivalents (METS) are used in medicine to express the total amount of activities of the individual. Thus the Sensewear Armband can measure the effect of physical activity on metabolism, a very important parameter for diagnosis and treatment.

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