Dietitian – Nutritionist Ioannis Soupios


See all the interviews on websites given by the Dietitian – Nutritionist Ioannis Soupios.


The website Axortagos, writes about the great struggle given by Mr. Soupios for the institutionalization of the License to Practice the Profession of Dietitians – Nutritionists in Greece. 

From the official site of the Ministry of Health, the Press Release for the meeting of the Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Antonis Beza and Mr. Soupios that concerned the solution of the problem of Dietitians – Nutritionists that there was no license to practice. One month after the meeting of Mr. Soupios, the final meeting of all stakeholders and the Draft Presidential Decree was drafted.


On the StreetPress website, a video with Mr. Soupios talking about Dietitians – Nutritionists in Greece, informs citizens how not to fall prey to people who are self-proclaimed dietitians and talks about the value of proper nutrition.

 Website INEWS

Presentation of a video by Mr. Soupios, on dietitians and how to protect citizens from people who can not legally draw up diet plans.

On the ERT website, there is a presentation of the show in which Mr. Soupios participated.


From the TLIFE website of Mrs. Tatiana Stefanidou, presentation of Mr. Soupios, as his collaborator site .

Website Life2day

An interview of Mr. Soupiou with the journalist Nikoleta Dubou on the Life2day site.


The website “KATOPSI” presents the program for the treatment of childhood and adolescent obesity of the Kapodistrian University of Athens and the contribution of Mr. Soupios in this program.

From the event of the Association of Runners of Ioannina that Mr. Soupios spoke about the personalized nutritional intervention for runners.


Presentation of the event for Schistias that took place in the city of Ioannina, where Mr. Soupios, as Vice President of the Institute of Nutritional Studies & amp; Of Research (I.D.M.E.) welcomed the event which took place under the auspices of IDME.

Mr. Soupios in a few words.


From the official site of the National Prevention System & amp; Dealing with Overweight and Obesity in Children & amp; Adolescence, Department of Endocrinology & amp; Of Metabolism of the 1st Pediatric Clinic of the Medical School of the University of Athens (Children’s Hospital “AGIA SOFIA”).