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Your metabolism

The amount of daily energy expenditure (calories per day) varies greatly from person to person. The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the minimum amount of calories consumed for the body to maintain its vital functions. Most of the calories consumed daily by your body are to maintain vital functions. For sedentary people, RMR accounts for 80% of their total daily energy expenditure
Everyone should know that every human metabolism is unique.

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Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) represents the calories our body consumes to perform its vital functions (heart rate, brain function, respiration). It is simpler the number of calories a person consumes per day when he is awake but at rest (rest). RMR can represent 75% of the energy needs of modern man.

The energy balance

In order to develop the ideal weight management program for you, you must first understand the meaning of the balance between the calories you consume and the calories you consume daily. To find out your daily energy intake, we need to measure your individual metabolism (RMR) and then calculate the energy your body needs to cope with your lifestyle and your daily exercise. Once we know these three parameters, we can formulate for you a scientifically proven daily food intake program, based on your individual metabolism. A diet with 350 calories per day less than your standard energy expenditure, allows you to lose up to 3 kg per month.

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What is the use of measuring the Basal Metabolic Rate?

The measurement of Basic Metabolism is a test very useful for the scientist dietitian – nutritionist.

The factors that affect a person’s Basic Metabolism differ from person to person, therefore the Basic Metabolism is UNIQUE for each person.

Factors that affect him are, body weight, body fat, the amount of muscle mass, health problems he may face.

By measuring the Basic Metabolism with the method of indirect calorimetry and with the Fit Mate machine of COSMED that exists in our offices, the dietician – nutritionist can accurately calculate the needs of the individual in energy and thus the training is even more effective and individualized of the diet.

How is it done?

The measurement is performed with Cosmed’s Fit Rate.  With a special gas analysis machine, the body’s combustion is measured, giving a much more accurate result for the energy needs of the individual. The measurement of combustion is achieved by recording the individual’s respiration and more specifically the amount of oxygen inhaled and the amount of carbon dioxide excreted from the body, as a result of metabolic combustion that takes place in the body.

The machine used in the Cosmetic Derma Medicine Clinic is the Fitmate GS – CANOPY. The examinee lies on the bed and the special canopy is placed (canopy) which records the user’s gas exchange and prints the result of the energy needs of the 24 hour. This procedure takes a few minutes and is completely painless and harmless, as the user is simply calm and breathing normally. The canopy of the Fitmate GS has the advantage that it covers the whole head up to the shoulders, which makes its use more comfortable and reduces the margins of incorrect placement. In addition, the Fitmate GS has standardized tests (Body Mass Index, circumference and body proportions, cardiovascular characteristics and body composition) to compile a comprehensive user report.

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On the day of the measurement..

As with most medical tests – such as cholesterol testing – with metabolism there are specific guidelines you need to follow to get an accurate measurement. So, on the specific day that you have agreed on the measurement, make sure that:


You have not smoked, consumed caffeine, taken any dietary supplements, medicines containing ephedrine, Ma Huang or pseudoephedrine, at least 4 hours before the measurement.

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Have not eaten or drunk anything other than water for at least 4 hours before the measurement.

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You have not exercised (aerobics or endurance exercises) for at least 8 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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