Video and tv appearances
Dietitian – Nutritionist Ioannis Soupios

Watch the videos from TV appearances, and not only, of the Dietitian – Nutritionist Ioannis Soupio

1st Thematic Health Conference – 4th round table

Mr. Soupios speaks at the 1st Thematic Conference of KEP HEALTH about Childhood Obesity. An event attended by leading health scientists.


Video from the documentary that was created, for the promotion and promotion of Greek fish abroad. Mr. Soupios talks about the nutritional value of fish and the correlation of fish consumption with human health.


Mr. Soupios invited to the ART TV channel and to the show “Elefthera” with Vangelis Mastoras.

ΑΝΤ1 – In the show “Evidence” of N. Evangelatos – “QUICK AND EASY WEIGHT LOSS”

Mr. Soupios in the show of Nikos Evangelatos “Proofs”, talks about the “TOLERANCE OF TOLERANCE” and about the products that promise “QUICK AND EASY WEIGHT LOSS” on the ANT1 television station.

ANT1 – In the show “Evidence” of N. Evangelatos – “THE CIRCUIT OF SLIMMING EXPLOITATION”

Mr. Soupios in the show of Nikos Evangelatos “Proofs”, on the television station ANT1, talks about “THE CIRCUIT OF EXPLOITATION OF SLIMMING”. In a coordinated effort to defend the field of dietitians – nutritionists and the defense of citizens for the safety of “DIETS” but also to clarify who in Greece can write diets.

ALTER – In the show “Invisible World” by K. Hardavellas

Mr. Soupios in the show of Costas Hardavellas “INVISIBLE WORLD” on the television station ALTER, talks about the effect of dangerous diets on physical health but also about who has the right to write diets for citizens. He emphasizes to the citizens that those responsible for drafting the diets are none other than the graduate dietitians – nutritionists, of higher education./p>

Panorama TV – In the show “Nutrition and health” by K. Gouta – “THE SLIMMING CIRCUIT OF SLIMMING”

Mr. Soupios in the show of Kiki Gouta “NUTRITION AND HEALTH”, on the TV station PANORAMA TV, talks about the profession of dietitian – nutritionist and informs the TV audience about the dangerous diets.

ΑΝΤ1 – In the show “Evidence” of N. Evangelatos – “FOOD SAFETY”

Mr. Soupios talks about “FOOD SAFETY” on Nikos Evangelatos’ show “Proofs” on ANT1 TV. Through the show you unfold a series of actions that take place in the production and preservation of food that consumers need to know to protect their health.

PANORAMA TV – Ιn the show “Nutrition and health” by K. Gouta – “DIABETES AND NUTRITION”

Mr. Soupios talks about “DIABETES AND NUTRITION” on Kiki Gouta’s show “NUTRITION AND HEALTH” on PANORAMA TV. There is an extensive report and information on the effect of diet on the development of diabetes and what should be the diet of people with diabetes in order to ensure their health from the disease.

ΝΕΤ – In the show “Life is a game” by A. Drouza – “FOOD & FOOD SAFETY»

Mr. Soupios in the show of Anna Drouza “Life is a Game”, on the TV station NET, talks about “FOOD” and “FOOD SAFETY”.

“Lip maxillofacial cleft palate”

Mr. Soupios as a representative of the Institute of Nutritional Studies & amp; Research at the event for cleft lip (cleft palate)


Mr. Soupios speaks at the conference of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa entitled “WE TAKE CARE OF THE HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN” about the effects of obesity on childhood.