Nutritional support
Dietitian – Nutritionist Ioannis Soupios

Nutritional support

The human diet is a key building block in the healthy development of our body. Not all people have the same nutrient needs. Personalized dietary intervention is the key to the healthy development of the body. The diet office deals with cases of special situations such as:

Child obesity
It concerns children with increased body weight. The nutritional intervention is done through the tool of the Nutrition Diary, through a nutrition program and with the cooperation of the family environment, in order to achieve the modification of the eating behavior.

Obesity is one of the main problems of the century we are going through and according to the available scientific data it will be one of the leading causes of death since it has been found that a large number of diseases are directly associated with health problems that reduce our life expectancy.

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Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
Women during pregnancy have increased nutritional and caloric needs. Also during this period it is very common for them to gain more weight than what you consider healthy, to have abnormal sugar curves, to increase their blood pressure, to have edema. In the above situations you require specialized and personalized dietary monitoring. During breastfeeding, again the needs for calories and nutrients are increased but at the same time it is very important that the milk produced by the breastfeeding mother has good nutrition so that the baby can develop properly and contain the appropriate content of nutrients for the proper functioning of the baby’s digestive system.

There are people who, due to reduced intake of nutrients, can not increase their body mass. In these cases it is very often the mistake for these people to increase the caloric but NOT the nutritional load. The human body, however, in order to function properly requires an increased amount of nutrients and not just an increased amount of calories.

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