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Support for Sports Clubs and Athletes

The association of diet with maximizing athletic performance is now well known. Through the right nutritional intervention and guidance, athletes can achieve the best possible performance both at amateur and professional level.

Mr. Soupios has been collaborating with athletes and sports teams for years and through the right nutritional guidance the best results have come.

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Together with his associates at MediDiatrofi but also independently, he was next to:

  • in the academies of the sports team of PAOK
  • in the men’s handball team of PAOK that that year also won the Greek Cup
  • in the men’s team of PAE AEL together with the international coach Chris Coleman who was the coach of the National Wales and the team of Coventry


  • in the rowing team of the Municipal Nautical Club of Igoumenitsa and in the Olympic rowing athlete, Alexandra Tsiavou
  • to the Weightlifting Olympian, George Markoulas-in the 5th World of KickBoxing, Andrea Varveris-in the swimming club of Ioannina A.O. Poseidon
  • to the Balkan athlete of the Nautical Club of Ioannina Jason Kitsako and many other athletes

Successes of the dietitian-nutritionist

–  In the Panhellenic Junior Track and Field Championship, Andreas Stavrou, from the Iraklis Filiates team coached by Mr. Rizos, both in the 100 meters and in the 200 meters, took the 1st place with an amazing performance.

–  Theodoridis Lazaros, from the team G.S. Proteas Igoumenitsa, in the 400 meters and in the 200 meters won the 3rd place in the Panhellenic Athletics Championship.

–  Irini Hatzali,, from the G.S. Proteas Igoumenitsa, who participated in the 4×100 meter baton together with her teammates Diamanti-Besi and Zakka, took the 5th place.

–  The Olympian, George markoulas, took 6th place in 94 kg at the Mediterranean Games in Weightlifting with 142 kg in snatch and 190 kg in zete, a total of 332 kg.

–  The athlete of the National Rowing Team, Haritini Oikonomou who won Panhellenic, Pan-European and World Distinctions.

–  The athlete of the National Rowing Team, Alexandra Tsiavou who won Panhellenic, Pan-European, World and Olympic distinctions.

–  The athlete of the National Kick Boxing, Andreas Varveris who won Panhellenic, Pan-European and World Distinctions.

and many more athletes.

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