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What is the E-Diet?

For us, distance can be a problem, but technology is the solution. The monitoring of the client / patient through e-diet is done by sending a diet plan every week or every 2 weeks, depending on how it will be judged by the dietitian-nutritionist and depends on the course of each client / patient. A questionnaire (medical, nutritional, activity) is completed so that the program is tailored to your needs and the diet plan or instructions you want to solve the problem are sent.

The client / patient can contact (by phone or e-mail) μwith the dietitian – nutritionist whenever he needs clarification or wants to have any change in his diet plan due to conditions.
There is also the possibility of communication via skype by searching on skype of the name “j.soupios” and writing as a message “DIETARY MONITORING”.

Key objectives

Achieve health!

The main goal of the program is not the loss of excess fat but the achievement of health.. Everyone should know that man by nature when he is healthy has ideal body weight and fat. Therefore, when we succeed in forming a healthy organism, it is a given that we will lose the excess fat.

The right choice of food!

Our second goal is for the client / patient to learn to choose meals and foods with high nutritional value AND NOT to ban foods. There are no good and good foods. There is good and bad use of food.

Final result…

Through monitoring and cooperation we want to achieve a process that will be pleasant for the client / patient, without changing his daily life but to educate him on the basic principles of proper nutrition and modify his eating habits.

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